• Three Steps To Follow To Get A Free Room Upgrade

    Receiving a free room upgrade when you stay at a hotel is one of life's pleasures that you can't resist smiling about. Although this perk is near the top of many travellers' to-do lists, only those who take the right approach are likely to find themselves in a better room without paying more for it. Simply put, a hotel cannot give upgrades to everyone who asks, but if you know the right way to approach this request, you might soon find yourself starting your holiday off on the right foot.
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  • Boutique Hotels Versus Major Chains

    Vacation is one time where you can indulge yourself in every way. Aside from your flight, the biggest accommodation that you must book is your hotel. The hotel that you choose will have a lot of influence on how you enjoy your vacation. Making the right choice is imperative if you wish to have the great time that you are looking forward to. Consider several nuances and information about hotel chains versus boutique hotels in order to select them.
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