Tips For Making Hotel Rooms More Comfortable For Young Children

Posted on: 4 March 2016

Bedtime is difficult for most children. Some dislike the idea of putting away toys and others worry about the scary creatures that may be lurking in the dark. Even children who are confident and easy to put to bed at home may have trouble sleeping when they are in an unfamiliar place. Traveling is also tiring, and the added struggle of an over-exhausted toddler can make the situation even worse. Here are some tips to make it all a little easier. 

Stick to a Schedule

Most children thrive on a standard routine for when they eat and when they sleep. Remaining on this schedule as much as possible during vacation will help to reduce their level of stress. In addition to sticking to the traditional bedtime, try to keep the routine of it the same as well. Just like at home they should brush their teeth, read a book or do whatever else is normal for them prior to going to bed.

Bring Items From Home

Infants and young toddlers will often sleep better in a bassinet or portable playpen they are familiar with, rather than a hotel crib. This may not be possible if flying, but families traveling by car should consider packing these items. In addition, the blanket and pillow from their own bed, their bedroom nightlight, and any favorite books or music will be soothing to them. 

Watch the Daytime Diet

It is normal on vacation to splurge a little and let everyone have extra treats. This is fine if done sparingly. Children who normally eat a healthy diet with only a moderate amount of sugar may not respond well to suddenly having ice cream or other treats throughout the day. Overindulging them during the day is the easiest way to lose sleep. 

Book the Room Carefully

Strange noises are often what keeps children up through the night. Eliminate these as much as possible by booking carefully. Request a room that is near the end of a hall where it will not experience as much foot traffic. Avoid rooms by elevators and that are adjacent to outdoor recreation areas or parking lots whenever possible. 

Keep Quiet After Dinner

Leave active time for the daylight hours and plan soothing and relaxing activities after dinner. A quiet dip in the hotel pool, a stroll through a scenic park or even an hour of their favorite TV shows in the hotel room are all ways that will allow everyone to still have fun, but allow them to wind down after a busy day.

Everyone feels better after a good rest. Helping children to feel comfortable enough to sleep deeply in a strange place will make them less cranky and disagreeable the following morning. It will also help the parents to be less grouchy as well. A little pre-planning and maintaining a schedule will make a huge difference in how comfortable everyone is while they are away. 

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