Three Steps To Follow To Get A Free Room Upgrade

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Receiving a free room upgrade when you stay at a hotel is one of life's pleasures that you can't resist smiling about. Although this perk is near the top of many travellers' to-do lists, only those who take the right approach are likely to find themselves in a better room without paying more for it. Simply put, a hotel cannot give upgrades to everyone who asks, but if you know the right way to approach this request, you might soon find yourself starting your holiday off on the right foot. Here are three steps to help you get a favourable answer to your request.

Join The Hotel's Rewards Program

You can check the first step off your to-do list before visiting the hotel. Joining the hotel's rewards program is easy to do online and can benefit you in a variety of ways. While these free programs allow you to collect points to work toward free future stays, and also often provide immediate perks such as complimentary Internet or breakfast, there's another benefit. Being part of the program shows the hotel staff that you're a dedicated and faithful customer -- two attributes the staff member will often consider when you ask for a free room upgrade.

Ask At The Right Time

Visiting the hotel's front desk and asking for a free room upgrade is largely about timing. While there's no universally magic hour at which your request is most likely to be granted, the rule to follow is to avoid asking too early. If you ask during a mid-afternoon check-in, for example, the front desk representative might be tentative to upgrade your room because he or she still doesn't know how many visitors the hotel will have. Later in the evening, however, there's less chance of a crowd of guests arriving at the hotel unannounced, which means the rep will know how much rooms are available.

Use The Right Approach

Another key to a successful request is to ask not only politely, but also at a time at which other guests aren't around you. If you're at the head of a long line of guests and ask your question, others will hear and there's a chance they'll ask, too. Given that the front desk rep can't grant free upgrades to everyone, your answer will likely be "no." If you can find a time at which the lobby area is quiet, you'll have a better shot at having your request fulfilled.

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